Zombie We are currently interviewing volunteers for the 2018 Halloween Harvest Costume Ball to be held at the Paso Robles Event Center/California Mid-State Fairgrounds. Pictured: Zombie Volunteer & Friday, October 27, 2017 Scariest Costume Contest Winner – Sarah Highnote. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  INCLUDE: Photographers and Videographers– Candidates will shoot during the event. To be considered, email Brad Golden at Brad@CentralCoastLIVE.com. Prop Set-Up – Serve one five-hour shift Thursday or Friday before and leading up to the event. Special Effects – Serve one five-hour shift Thursday or Friday, before and leading up to the event, assisting with prop set-up, lighting and sound, fog machines, etc. Outdoor Decor Set-Up – Serve one five-hour shift Thursday or Friday, before and leading up to the event, assisting with decor set up. Zombie Makeup Facilitator – Arriving at 4pm each evening, the Make-Up Coordinator will guide Zombie volunteers in the application of make-up and insure makeup is properly stored and room left clean. Zombies– Arrival at 5 p.m. for makeup application and as guests arrive, Zombies will roam the grounds and be in character for first few hours of the event. Themed Actors– Arrival at 6 p.m. for instruction and preparation of specific role for the evening. Themed actors will either have a specific role (such as “guard” to the reserved table seating area or the “Torture Chamber Greeter”, etc.) while other themed actors will be in character offering extraordinary theatrics throughout the night. Ticketing Table – Facilitate the admittance of guests, apply wristbands, check names off list, etc. Parking Assistant– Assist guests walking from the parking lot to and from the event entrance across Riverside Avenue. Special Effects – Manage lighting, electrical cords, ice and power in fog machines, etc. prior to and during the event. Coat Check/Lost & Found – Manage guest’s coats and any lost items, costume accessories, etc. during the event. Food Service – There may be a need for a few food servers/runners to assist with the Extreme Halloween Dessert Art Competition Post Party Cleanup – Help clean up each night after the event, as well as on Sunday 10/28/18 and to clear the fairgrounds of trash, props, decor, etc.
Volunteers Shifts:
  • Work a 5 hour shift on Thursday or Friday prior to the event to attend one evening as a guest.
  • Volunteer half one night and be a guest the other half.
  • Volunteer all of Friday evening and attend all of Saturday night as a guest*.
* Note: Only those who volunteered last year will be considered as eligible to attend Friday night as a guest and attend Saturday night as a volunteer.
If interested in joining the team as a volunteer complete the form below. Please be sure to include how you first heard about the Halloween Harvest Costume Ball (a friend, Facebook, a print ad, etc.), which volunteer role(s) are of interest to you, when you are able to volunteer and whether you prefer to volunteer and be a guest on the same night or volunteer prior to or one entire night to attend as a guest an entire night.